Touch (Feature Narrative) [109min]

*Reception Afterwards at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art | 1430 Johnson Lane | Eugene, OR 97403
[Ticket from “Touch” will gain entrance.]


Jimmy Murakami: Non-Alien (Feature Documentary) [73min]

Crocodile in the Yangtze (Feature Documentary) [75min]

Shorts Program: ‘Identities & Intersection’

                      • ‘Bleached’, ‘Green Plastic Sandals’, ‘State of Hip Hop’, ‘Assumed Identity: the Art of Susan Sponsler’, ‘Dol’, ‘Our Families: LGBT Asian and Pacific Islander Stories’

Mr. Cao Goes to Washington
(Feature Documentary) [72 min]

Enemy Alien
(Feature Documentary) [82min]
Wajeh (Short Documentary) [17min]


Toward Living Pono
(Feature Documentary) [57min]

Shorts Program II: ‘Scenes From a City’

                        •  ‘Love, NY’, ‘A Tree Falls in the Forest’, ‘Terra Cotta’, ‘Home’, ‘Shanghai Love Market’, ‘Traffic in Frenetic HCMC’, ‘Roots of Love’, ‘DiVanCity’

The Insular Empire: America in the Marianas
(Feature Documentary) [57min]

My KoAloha Story
 (Feature Narrative) [74min]

West is West
(Feature Narrative) [103min]

Closing Ceremonies & Awards at Sabai Café and Bar
27 Oakway Center | Eugene, OR 97401
[Ticket from “West is West” will gain entrance]



2 Responses to Schedule

  1. Candace Shorack says:

    It would be helpful if the films were rated like movies so I’d have some idea if a film was appropriate for my teenaged daughter. Candace Shorack

    • Hi Candace! only a few films to look out for–the rest do not have warnings attached, as screened by our program committee.

      Feature films:
      Touch – Adult Themes, Sexual Content
      West is West – Mild Language

      Untitled: The State of Hip Hop in Shanghai – Mild Language
      Green Plastic Sandals – Graphic Visuals

      Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll try to work on this for next time!

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