DisOrient 7–It’s a Wrap!

Thank you so much to all the staff, volunteers, filmmakers, sponsors, supporters and audiences who made disorient such an incredible success in 2012! We packed the house all 3 days! We could not do this without all of your forms of support and we hope to see you all again at future DisOrients!

If you feel inclined to support this community-led, volunteer-driven homegrown social justice film festival EXPERIENCE, please help donate for our future, or leave us feedback at disorientff@gmail.com.


About disorientfilm

DisOrient Asian American Film Festival of Oregon is a social justice film festival dedicated to deconstructing the media stereotypes of Asians and Asian Americans as "Orientals." We believe in the power of film-as-art to educate, heal and improve the lives of people by giving voice to their experiences. Started in 2006 by artists, educators, and activists, DisOrient is a grassroots and volunteer-run film festival committed to presenting honest portrayals of the diversity of the Asian American experience. When selecting new and exciting films for our festival, we use the W.E.B. DuBois standard of "for us, by us, or about us" that are recent and undistributed works.
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